In a bizarre case of mistaken identity, a woman torched a completely random truck!

According to News Channel 13, a Saratoga Springs man woke up in the middle of the night recently only to find his truck engulfed in flames.  On top of that, it's a truck that he uses for his lawn care business, so not only was the truck up in flames, but equipment in the back too.  And even worse- the truck was set on fire in a case of mistaken identity!  The woman accused, a 52 year old, apparently set the truck on fire thinking that it belonged to someone else (though no motive was released).  This is beyond a crazy story, and I can't imagine waking up to my car randomly torched!  Luckily News Channel 13 reported no one was hurt, but the truck owner is down a good amount of money (around $1000) in equipment (and I'm also guessing an insurance deductible on his truck).  The woman responsible?  Well, according to News Channel 13 she's got some charges against her.  What a bizarre event!

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