Correct me if I'm wrong here but doesn't a snowball fight generally require, snow?

I'm cracking up right because this just sounds so absurd to me. So the story goes... Six Flags Great Adventure in Ocean County, New Jersey was planning an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for world’s largest snowball fight. The current world record was set in Saskatoon, Canada last year when 7,681 people showed up to hurl some balls. So the amusement park was hoping to get 9,000 people to show up at the park last weekend to outdo the Canadians.

As you may recall over the weekend much of the east coast was anticipating the first real snowfall of the season. Now, one would think this would make for ideal snowball making conditions right? Well, apparently in Jew Jersey actual snow wasn't in the game plan for the World's Largest Snow Ball Fight. According to Fox News the park was planning on using “indoor snowballs” made from “pluff” in an attempt to have a “family-friendly” battle.

I'm no expert or official but I feel like a "pluff" ball fight is not grounds to set a record for the World's Largest Snow Ball Fight. Either way the fight did not end up happening because the park closed for the weekend due to actual snow falling from the sky. Yep, that's right. The snowball fight was cancelled because it was SNOWING.


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