I am a parking snob who can not parallel park because I like places with good parking but some in the Capital Region have awful parking lots where I don't have to parallel park and it makes you think: "What were they thinking when they built this place?"

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There are some really bad parking lots in the Capital Region and some really good ones but the parking lots that I don't understand are Stewart's parking lots, the entrances/exits are too long and the Stewart's in Latham next to the Latham Medical Center frustrates me the most because you always have people trying to cut through Stewart's to get back out onto the main road.

Professor Java's parking lot is like an optical illusion, when you first pull in everything is fine and it looks and feels like a decent parking lot, then when you try to leave the parking lot, it shrinks and you have to inch your way out.


Another thing i have noticed is that it seems like: The bigger the parking lot, the worse the drivers in the parking lot, Latham Farms has a big parking but some of the worst drivers driving in it.

The Lark Tavern's parking lot is kind of creepy and always seems to be flooded.

Getting in and out of Guptills parking lot in Latham is like suicide.

H.V.C.C.'s parking lot is odd however I have not been there in a while, but I always remember that even when it's not busy people still seem to find a way to make parking there awkward.

The parking lot that I can't stand the most is SEFCU in Latham, the parking lot is small and the spaces are narrow, there are too many businesses sharing one lot and the west side of the lot looks over the steep side of the hill that the parking lot sits on and there is no guardrail or anything preventing anyone from accidentally falling down the hill.

I'm sure that there are worse parking lots, but those are the ones that bother me.

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