Spring starts today but that does not mark the end of the snowmobile season in New York State. Riding won't last much longer as the days are longer and the temperatures are warmer heading toward April but the season could come to a sudden end, however, if you happen to have an unfortunate accident.

Recently, in Inlet, New York, a snowmobiler ended up parking her machine in the side of a local café. Literally launched into the building. Check out the pictures below.

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According to the Facebook page, Life In the ADK, a snowmobiler ended up crashing her sled into the Tamarack Café and Putterfingers. According to the social media post, the driver wasn't hurt and alcohol was not involved. Sometimes we humans just make mistakes.

So in lieu of charging for damages, the café should ask to keep it right there. It will become as memorable as the airplane tail sticking out of the restaurant on Rt 28 down in Forestport. - Tom T on Facebook


"Hey, you can't park there" and "That snowmobiler really too the 'café parking' sign literally" are some of the comments you could imagine passersby making as their mind tried to wrap around what they were seeing. Here are some other comments:

  • What part of NYC was the driver from? - Schuyler P.
  • Parking vertical adds a lot more space - Bob C.
  • This lack of snow really has me climbing the walls. - Mike R.
  • Must have been in a hurry to play mini-golf. - Bob C.
Facebook.com-Life In the ADK
Facebook.com-Life In the ADK

All kidding aside, the good news is that all reports indicate that the driver was not harmed in this incident.

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