So last week a resident of Troy punked us, he put a sign up to mess with his in-laws. But, this made people want to know, Is Chick Fil A coming? Signs point to yes!

Did you see my article last week about a Chick Fil A sign that read "Landing Soon" last week? You know the one in Speigletown where there are no commercial restaurants?  Well, that was false. Someone pulled a prank, thanks, dude. But. So many people have been clamoring for a Chick Fil A to come where you don't need a plane ticket.

Now, no. Chick Fil A isn't likely coming to Troy. I would love to say, eventually. That would be with ZERO knowledge though. But, but.. Latham is being rumored. Now, this seems to be a little more than rumored according to the Times Union. They spoke with someone at the Albany Airport who has said, Chick Fil A is shopping a location in Latham to hold the areas second Chick Fil A.

That Chick Fil A would also be the first in the area that didn't require you to get past a TSA checkpoint.

So with that said, I personally think no matter where the next damn Capital Region Chick Fil A "lands".. It will do fantastic. Even if it were to be Speigletown. People want it that bad. Unless you literally don't, I understand their religious views turn some people away.

More from the Times Union, here..