For the cost of a cheap used car, you can rent an entire ski resort not far from the Capital Region.  If you get a group of friends together?  Well, it's really not that bad of a price.

As a skier, the post caught my eye.  I could rent a ski mountain? Really? I don't have an extra $4500 in my pocket, but if only I could get like fifty people together, well that's really only $90 out of my pocket.  Hmmmm….

So the mountain you can have for the day for private use?  Plattekill.  Located in the town of Roxbury in the Catskills, Plattekill Mountain can be all yours for the day for $4500.  What does that price cost?  The use of the mountain and lifts, 250 lift tickets (more are available for $20 each), and the bar and food service will be open if you're renting the mountain.  However, you do need to put a non-refundable deposit down.

For a huge event, a work day, or if you've got a big group of people into winter sports, this really doesn't sound like a bad idea to be honest.  You can get more info here.