It's official, I'm never leaving my house again.

Justin Sullivan /Getty Images

Okay never leaving my house may be a bit of an overstatement. I definitely couldn't live without live music in my life plus after like and evening of loafing around I get what I can only assume is restless leg syndrome and have to get out of the house like immediately. But that's completely beside the point, the point is, there is now a liquor delivery service in Albany!

It comes in  the form of an app called Drizly, you can think of it as the GrubHub for booze. I have actually used this app a few times in my travels. It comes in real handy when you are in a city where you are not real familiar with the layout or you don't have easy access to transportation. Now it will come in real handy when I'm having a busy day and planning for guests to come over or you know, have limited time between work and a show!

According to the Times Union, Drizly quietly launched in Albany on Monday and so far there is only one liquor store, Madison Wine and Spirits, utilizing the app. But hopefully more stores will catch on and the service will soon become available throughout other parts of the Capital Region. The best part on this service though is that there is no markup on the prices of your beverages for using the app it is the same price as it is in the store. There is however, an added $5 service fee on each order. But for an extra five bucks it's worth not having to drive anywhere and if you think about it, it is still way less than you would spend if you were buying drinks at a bar.

Seriously though, between food delivery services (like GrubHub or even Blue Apron and Hello Fresh) and websites like Amazon theoretically you may never have to leave your house again. Go on and get your lazy on!

You can lean more about Drizly by checking out their website or you can read more about the new service locally here.