Honestly, when I saw a recent news article I had to do a double-take.  I really didn’t know a town like this even existed in New York.  Other areas?  Sure.  But in 2019 New York, had no clue.

What I’m referring to is a WNYT article about Argyle.  Argyle is a town in Washington County. The news surrounding it is that  there is a movement to make Argyle no longer a dry town.  Dry town?!  The last time I heard of a dry town was when I was living in Utah and there was a heavy religious influence.

Being a dry town means that alcohol can’t be sold in Argyle, even though according to WNYT there is an Argyle brewery.  And it’s pretty easy to drive to a neighboring town to buy alcohol.  Nonetheless, it still never crossed my mind that a dry town was a thing in New York.  WNYT is reporting that the movement to get rid of the dry spell is called “Repeal Prohibition.”  Which makes sense since prohibition isn’t thing anymore and being dry impacts more than the grocery store- it effects restaurants and local businesses too.  What are your thoughts?


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