A few days ago, entertainment media outlet Thrillist put out a list of the best band from every state.  Intrigued, clearly I had to check it out.  Scrolling through each state, I could see that this wasn't a typical list of most famous bands from each state- some I could've guessed, some not so much.  There were classic rockers, alt rockers, punk, and more.  Now New York has a ridiculous amount of bands that have become famous.  A little while back, I actually posted a blog about rockers from the Capital District alone.  Coming out of New York state? Now you're competing with the likes of Billy Joel, Velvet Underground, the Ramones, and more.  So who did Thrillist name the best band from New York?


Ok. I get it. 1970s punk. Ground breaking time.  Staples at CBGBs.  But of ALL the famous rock bands coming out of New York, I don't know if Television would be my #1.  It's a tough one.  My top 3 (in no specific order, and all of which technically formed in NYC):  Talking Heads who created a unique sound and lasting impression with songs that have transcended decades, Beastie Boys who were a little bit hip-hop, a little bit rock, and a little bit punk while being fresh and groundbreaking altogether, and of course Kiss- I don't necessarily feel they're the greatest technical musicians, but they totally rock, they made an everlasting impact on arena rock, and they helped to create the "other-worldly" image of the Rock God, not to mention their own "KISS" army.

What are your thoughts?