If you come across a snake in the middle of a cemetery, you can bet that 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be a zombie snake. Sixty-six-year-old Jake Thomas of Australia learned that the hard way when he was tending to his daughter’s resting place.

“Thomas, a volunteer at Werris Creek Cemetery, didn't want anyone to be bitten by the venomous snake, so he cut it in half with his shovel and went back to cutting the grass.

A short while later, he came back to get rid of the snake and put his hand in the vase to pick it up.

"It grabbed on to me even though it was dead," Thomas said, according to the Daily Telegraph. "I pulled my hand out and saw two little marks and knew it had got hold of me." – HP

There are rules you need to remember when dealing with deadly undead snakes. First: always limber up. Second: always use the double-tap method to ensure you don’t end up getting bit.

Poor old man Thomas here is not at risk of transforming into a zombie snake as well. However not if when that happens I’ll be sure to double-tap that zombie snake head of his.


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