Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette has been taken in the NBA draft and he rounds out this years top 10.  He was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, but will be playing with the Sacramento Kings.


In a move that at least I didn't see coming, Jimmer Fredette was selected not by the Utah Jazz or NY Knicks but by the Milwaukee Bucks.  Now to add more confusion, he won't be staying in Milwaukee but instead be involved in a trade that will land him in Sacramento.

This will be a good place for Jimmer to start building his NBA career.  He will be with a young team.  Though I don't see him being a starter just yet, he will be a great addition to any team he is on.

It was great watching the draft coverage and seeing the Glens Falls Civic Center explode with excitement when his name was called.  So it's official, Jimmer is an NBA player.