Looking to celebrate the holiday spirit? Want to enjoy getting the daylights scared out of you? Well, check this out. Boo!

Now I haven't been to all of these, I am purely basing it off of a list NYUP posted and what I have heard about certain haunted attractions in the area. Now, I'm not going to post up a list including Great Escape. It's amazing, but it is more family friendly, in other words, you can bring kids there and it will be fine.

Don't get me wrong, you can certainly bring kids to these other locations, but it will be a little scarier. Or a lot scarier.

  • Field of Horrors in Troy
  • Double M in Ballston Spa
  • Dr. Morbid's Haunted House in Lake George
  • Night Terrors in Schoharie
  • Headless Horseman in Ulster

Now yes, Headless Horseman is a bit of a drive. From everything, I have heard, oh my god its worth every second of the commute.

What's your favorite haunted attraction in the area.