How many times have you found yourself thinking about what you would buy with a boat load of money? Crazy cars, houses, loads of clothing? Yep, most people want to hit the big time. Me? I'm good with ten $100 bills. So, the question is,  what would I buy with a grand?

  • marekuliasz

    Six Months Worth of Whey Protein

    Call me crazy, but I would stock up on my favorite protein supplement like whoa! Valued at around $16 for two pounds, running me around $384 for half a year, I'm stocking up! And why wouldn't I? I mean, I have a grand, don't I? I'm rich bi$%ch! Plus, I'm liking the fact that my man boobs are going away!

  • Thinkstock Images
    Thinkstock Images

    Gas for a Month

    Ugh, as of right this second, it costs me $200 to fill up my tank for the month. Let's add another $50 because prices ain't going down are they?

  • Tim Boyle/GettyImages
    Tim Boyle/GettyImages

    Air Conditioner

    This summer is supposed to be super nasty. Long, hot, humid and rainy. Windows closed and AC cranked, that's how I'm living!

  • Tomasz Wyszoamirski
    Tomasz Wyszoamirski

    Family Four Pack of Bowling at Sunset Lanes

    I have $211 left over and I'm treating my kid to something awesome!

    I'm grabbing two of his buds and we're hitting the lanes, having some pizza and soda and just enjoying family time. And for only $42, why the heck not!?

  • Jill Battaglia
    Jill Battaglia


    $169 left over. Decisions, decisions...

    Oh I got it: Savings account! Done!

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