91,000 pounds of turkey have been recalled, not long before Thanksgiving!

According to News 10 abc, the Jennie-O company is recalling 91,000 pounds of ground turkey, due to concerns for salmonella.  There’s been a big salmonella outbreak across the country, so this latest recall is just one of many previous issues.  The ground turkey may be linked to the outbreak, and four types are being recalled.

News 10 abc reports that Jennie-O ‘Italian seasoned’, ‘Taco seasoned’, 85% lean, and 93% lean ground turkey all have been recalled.  The products are shipped nationwide, so you might want to check if you’ve got some Jennie-O turkey if it’s part of the recall.  You can get more information at News 10 abc.

While of course the full turkey is traditional on Thanksgiving, I do know people who make casseroles or mix stuffing with ground turkey too for the holiday.  So hopefully, no-one gets sick and you all have a great Thanksgiving!