As Memorial Day Weekend approaches many Americans must face the stress that comes with preparation for the big weekend. Although the first day of Summer is not until June 21st, Memorial Day Weekend is like a celebration in which Americans welcome the Summer and remember the brave men and woman who died while serving in our counties Armed Forces. We celebrate and remember by having picnics, cookouts or mini vacations.

Preparation can range from what to wear? to what to grill? what kind of salad should I make? should there be fireworks? what kind of pie? do we have enough wood? do we have enough beer? what kind of beer?

All of these elements of are traditional ingredients for an awesome Memorial Day Weekend, however I feel that a new element will soon be introduced the main stream for all Americans to enjoy during Memorial Day Weekend and it may challenge beer, I am talking the Marijuana.

More States keep legalizing Marijuana and some states are getting very jealous especially during Memorial Day Weekend, like it or not Marijuana will be legal in America soon and it will become a part of these special American holidays.

The question is:

Beer or Weed for Memorial Day Weekend? 

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about mentioning Marijuana in a Memorial Day Weekend blog just remember that in the movie Platoon the boozer was the villain and the pothead was the good guy. I don’t want to get too into and sound all preachy so that is all I have to say about that.

Back to the question at hand, although there is nothing better then a cold beer at a picnic, barbecue the problem is that all that food and beer is a double edged sword and can lead to the inevitable big spit.

Another issue with beer is that some people get angry when they drink and start fights but that is not everyone, some people can have a few and just stay jolly.

On the other hand, Marijuana will make you hungry for the food and even if there were such a thing as an fist throwing stoner, his hands will be busy holding pie and burgers to fight.

Both Beer and Weed have their pros and cons and you can always have both but then the possibility of the big spit increases.

All in all the point of this weekend is to have a good time and remember those who fought and died for your freedom, so that you can drink that beer or smoke that weed on this glorious weekend.

The most important thing to remember is to not incorporate any type of driving with these two elements.

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