Albany sure seems to be making it on a lot of these "Best Places to Live" lists lately ...

New York, Albany, Capitol Building And Egg (Performing Arts Building).
UIG via Getty Images

You know despite the fact that I feel like there are more terrible news stories showing up in my feed about Albany than good I still feel like it is a pretty amazing city to live in. With the Cap City showing up on many the "Best Cities to Live in the U.S." lists it would seem that I am not the only one.

The latest "Best Cities" list the city of Albany has appeared on focus on general quality of life. U.S. New & World Report recently published a list of "Best Places to Live in the U.S. for Quality of Life" based upon things like:

Daily commute, access to quality education and healthcare, crime rates and general well being.

Actually 3 Upstate New York cities made it into the top 25 metros and while we didn't beat out Rochester or Syracuse, Albany wasn't that far behind them and making it into the top 25 is not a bad ranking at all.

According to the list Albany comes in at number 21 on the with: