While I do think the Capital Region is a great place to live, there's also a lot of things that routinely drive me crazy.  Especially around this time of year.  The winter season is starting, the holidays are approaching, and I'm pretty sure we can all agree on some certain pet peeves.  If you don't agree, well, even more reason to read and let me know!

I grew up in New York, south of Albany, but have dealt with the Capital Region for most of my life.  Growing up rural and in the mountains, we drove in the snow... a lot of it.  Kind of leading me to my first pet peeve.  But here's a few things that grind my gears about this time of year in the Capital Region (since I love being a good Scrooge):

  • Traffic:  It's ALREADY bad enough on the Northway at rush hour or shift change times.  Throw in holiday travel and/or weather... why does it always have to suddenly feel like its Armageddon and we're all stuck on the road in a mad dash
  • Driving in general: Does it ever feel like the second there's a flake of snow on the ground, people forget how to drive?  Yeah, I feel that way too.
  • Salt feet:  Get ready to have your shoes all get redecorated- with salt rings. That's where the beauty of winter boots come in.  But forget it if you have regular shoes on, you might as well just prepare for the ring of salt that appears after they get wet in the slush and dry
  • Holiday music:  I am a Bing Crosby superfan.  It doesn't mean I want to hear the same song over and over and over from November 1st on.  It seems like every mall or store or shop I go into, I hear the same holiday songs.  That's not helping out my cheer... how about mix it up, there's a lot of good rock ones too!
  • The saga that is running errands:  Running to the grocery store during the holiday season? Forget it.  Trying to pop in Colonie Center for something quickly.  Forget it.  Trying to do a mad dash in and out without being haggled for a donation (I'm not against them, just saying...). Forget it!  Everything just seems exponentially more difficult around the holiday season
  • What would you add to the list?  Let us know!