Pictures have recently surfaced of a couple Albany City cops posing for pictures with their fire arms and alcohol in hand. 

Sp earlier this month some pictures came to the attention of both the Albany Police Department and the public showing a couple officers posing for pictures holding fire arms and alcohol. Now the APD has decided to launch an internal investigation in order to find out more information regarding the photos.

According to witnesses officers would gather at the home of Robert E. Schunk II and supervisors were aware of these gatherings.  Schunk, a former Albany Cop of 12 years has been suspended without pay since last April while they investigate several instances of domestic violence charges against him.  The photos themselves are a direct violation of policy which states:

Uniformed members while off duty shall not wear any distinguishable police uniforms or parts thereof unless authorized by the chief of police or a superior officer.

The officers pictured here are members of the now disbanded Strategic Deployment Unit.  The unit was disbanded after one to many complaints from citizens that they were rude, used foul language and all to often, excessive force.   Schunk himself was complained about several times.  This could end up very bad for these officers.  There are a lot of great Police Officers out there that are doing their jobs to protect our streets.  It is an absolute shame that they have to share the same uniform as these guys who don't deserve the same respect.  Here is a complete look at the story from News Channel 13.