There are moments in your life where you sit and say aloud to yourself, really? Who would actually do this? Well, apparently it happens.

It has to be if the Albany Police will take any time out of their day to speak to anyone about an issue so idiotic. Now the topic is about people calling 911. A number that should only be dialed in an emergency. Something pretty much everyone has been taught from childhood. Well, it seems getting a pizza is now an emergency.

Not really though. Albany Police are warning people not to call 911 if you want to order a pizza, even if there is actually an emergency. If you have an actual emergency don't for the love of god say anything pizza related unless you are being beaten with a rolling pin. I shook my head reading the original article by News 10. What kind of moron would actually do this!?!

Like they said in their article at News 10, a 911 operator isn't trained to know pepperoni pizza as a code word for danger.