Officially frightened by every pot hole I see now.

What looks like a pot hole in the middle of the intersection of Madison Avenue and New Scotland Avenue is not actually a pot hole at all. Apparently a sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street! According to the TU:

The crevice – at the site of a brick sewer more than a century old – sank 20 feet below the intersection of New Scotland Avenue and Madison Avenue. Below the narrow gap in the blacktop, they said, the hole may be 20 feet wide.

20 FEET WIDE! That's some scary stuff right there! I mean could you imagine if that thing opened up fully while someone was driving over it?

The Beaver Creek trunk sewer that was built in 1870 and is made of brick runs under the intersection and it appears that one of the pipes failed which may be the cause of the sinkhole. With the age of the sewer and not knowing the extent of the damage it looks like the roads will be closed for a few days. As of right now ...

Madison Avenue from South Lake Avenue to Willett Street will be closed in both directions, and New Scotland Avenue from Dana Avenue to Washington Park will be closed in both directions until further notice.

So if these roads happen to be on your daily commute make sure to give yourself a little extra time and plan some alternate routes ... and watch out for those pot holes!