It's always so sad when a local landmark closes let alone are completely destroyed.

The end of an era is fast approaching in Albany. After over 75 years of spares and strikes it looks like it's out with the old and in with new. The Playdium Bowling Center is facing demolition as the owner of the property are looking to sell and the city of Albany is already entertaining a new developers proposal to re-develop the property.

According to WNYT the new developers plan to demolish the Albany staple and rebuild and use the site as a mixed use property that could become home to a laundry mat, cafe, and over 100 new apartments complete with parking garage.

The Playdium is currently still open for business as nothing has been set in stone yet but it looks as though the end is eminent so you might want to get as much bowling in as you can ... while you can.

I feel like I am a little conflicted about the new developments in the city. While I'm all for creating more spaces for local businesses and for people to live in the city I'd much rather developers re purpose old and unused buildings than tearing down and starting a new. One of the things that I love about this city is the architecture and the character all the buildings and homes that have been around for forever bring.

What do you think? Should the city tear down the Playdium and build a new or would you like to see the landmark bowling alley remain a staple in the community? Let us know in the comments.