The Capital District is no doubt a rocking area, with multiple venues located in the region to host shows, from the Times Union Center to the Palace Theatre to Upstate Concert Hall.  Our area hosts it all, and even in the next couple of months we have shows ranging from Seether to Poison.  Most exciting to me however is not just the events that we host, as I'm a fanatic for live music, but the talent that comes from this region (last month I was able to review locals Frank Palangi and Moriah Formica). I want to highlight a band that I've been following for some time now, Youth in Revolt.  Initially, I stumbled upon them while searching for new rock music after my rounds of summer concerts and Warped Tour stops wrapped up.  I was immediately drawn to the band, due to a sound that encompasses the aggression of post-hardcore, the catchy hooks and vocal focus of more modern day rock, and the heavy breaks of metalcore. In doing more research, I discovered that while the band itself is based out of Howell, New Jersey, the band also features a hometown artist.

Guitarist Chris Coletti of Youth in Revolt was born and raised in Albany, something he even displays on his instagram ( @chrisinrevolt ).  I did in fact reach out to Coletti, and was able to chat with him briefly about growing up here in Albany and the band's recent album release, "The Broken." In my own experience as a listener, you can see how Coletti's guitar skills fit the band perfectly.  Listening to Youth in Revolt, from songs such as "There For You" which has a heavier sound, to their recent release "The Broken" which is an energy-packed, high tempo single, you can see just how seamlessly Coletti plays with his band - a group of guys who are clearly on their way up. With two guitarists (Coletti and guitarist Alex Ramos), vocalist Tanner Allen who displays a strong vocal range, support vocals and bass by Kenny Torres, and action-packed drumming by Arvin Sarathy, one can only imagine where the band will go from here.

Youth in Revolt has collaborated with bands such as Ice Nine Kills (who I got to catch this past summer on Warped Tour), and continue to receive recognition through different outlets. They recently dropped a new album, aptly named "The Broken" to match their single, under Outerloop Records, which coincided with a short tour.  I can only hope that when more tour dates are announced, they have a stop in the Albany area.

It's always great to see rockers from our own region doing well! You can check out all the info on Youth in Revolt at their facebook page: Youth In Revolt  or instagram: @youthinrevolt