Earlier in April, I posted about O'Learys in Troy losing their Liquor License due to underage drinkers.  Well, it looks like yet another Capital Region bar is in trouble.

The state is having a big crackdown on underage drinking, and Graney's Stout in North Albany is the next victim.  According to News Channel 13, Graney's Stout had its liquor license suspended immediately after being caught with about 50 underage people inside.  News Channel 13 reported that of the 50 underage patrons, 38 admitted to drinking.

As of right now, no alcohol can be sold or consumed on the property, but I didn't see any other news as to how long the license suspension is, or any other details.  I said it once in my last post and I'll say it again, there's a crackdown so buyers and bars, beware.

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