Have you ever wondered what beer your favorite celebrities drink?

If this list gets you craving a tall one, you're in luck because on June 13, you can sample more than 200 craft beers at Saratoga Brewfest at Saratoga County Fairgrounds from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets are as low as $45 or $60 for VIP, which includes an extra hour of sampling and access to rare craft brews.

  • Pool/Getty Images
    Pool/Getty Images

    Barack Obama

    The President himself has been seen drinking anything from Bud Light to craft beer, but according to the New York Post, he frequently serves White House Honey Ale for important guests.

  • Christopher Polk/Getty Images
    Christopher Polk/Getty Images


    This one surprised me a little. Beyoncé showed her support for Lone Star Beer last moth by rocking the brand's T-shirt on Instagram.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Matthew Mcconaughey

    We all saw Mcconaughey slam a few down as Rustin Cohle in HBO's "True Detective," but the man himself actually drinks Miller Lite. According to Cigar Aficionado, Mcconaughey drinks Miller Lite so he can "drink more of it" when he's done.

  • Rick Diamond, Getty Images
    Rick Diamond, Getty Images

    Zac Brown

    Although the famous country singer name drops Pabst Blue Ribbon in his song, "Toes," "The Boot" reports that Brown drinks a lot of Land Shark when he's not dieting. If he's trying to drop a few pounds, he switches over to Michelob Ultra.

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images
    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Luke Bryan

    Yet another famous country singer. Luke Bryan was photographed drinking a can of Busch beer while driving his truck back in 2013, although the police say he was not breaking the law, as Tennessee permits drinking and driving as long as it's on private property.

  • Darius Rucker (Getty)
    Darius Rucker (Getty)

    Darius Rucker

    Perhaps the most interesting pop artist to ever go country, Darius Rucker's favorite beer is Dos Equis.

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