An earlier version of this story had a title that many people found misleading. We've updated the title to better reflect the contents of the story.

Best Buy reportedly will be closing stores, including a mobile store at Crossgates.

According to The Times Union, multiple media reports are saying that Best Buy will be closing all of its mobile stores including the store at Crossgates Mall. Don't worry though, the main Best Buy store will remain open.

All of the 250 of the company's mobile-phone stores will be closed by May according to The Wall Street Journal, who say that Best Buy have found the cellphone business to no longer be lucrative as the mobile stores are more expensive to operate than the big-box stores. Best Buy Chief Executive Hubert Joly recently wrote a letter to employees addressing the mobile store closings, and stated the following: "We began to open them more than a decade ago, before the iphone was even launched. Fast forward to 2018 and the mobile phone business has matured, margins have compressed and the cost of operations in out Mobile stand-alone stores is higher than our box stores."

Clearly the closing of the Best Buy mobile stores is a money saving issue and doesn't effect me as I've never been to one of them. It is certainly a relief that the main Best Buy store is open, although once they stop selling CD's I'll really have no reason to go there anyways. What are your thoughts on the closing of the mobile stores?


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