Scientists have unveiled what they say is the best hangover cure.

With the holidays here and New Years coming up, we hope that this tidbit of info may help you out following a night of heavy partying. According to a 2013 Time Magazine article, Sprite is the best hangover cure. The study done by a team of Chinese scientists says that the carbonated lemon-lime soda had a positive effect on alcohol related symptoms with the ability to breakdown acetaldehyde which is a metabolite of ethanol. Now, typically I would go for drinking lots of water and taking some Aleve to help cure my hangover. I've also been known to grab a Bloody Mary the day following a night of debauchery, but according to the Time article, it would be much wiser to reach for a Sprite rather than the vodka and tomato juice cocktail.

What are your favorite hangover cures? Do you have any suggestions?

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