Last night I ordered myself up a nice 12 box of tacos to go for dinner.  Upon my eighth soft shelled delight, I pondered - who severs up the best tacos around here?  After extensive research, I have compiled a list.  Which taco joint would you add?

1) Moes

With so many locations, you're never hurting to find a taco.  Moes also has other tasty aweseomess such as Pork Bowls and Homewreckers, a burrito stuffed with beans, rice, cheese and a variety of meats.  I frequent the location in Rensselaer but there is a bevy of locations such as on Western and Central Aves.

Another chain that serves up a bite just about any block near you.  Bacon Cheeseburger Quesadilla.  Need I say more?  Western Ave, Union Street in Schenectady, New Loudon Road in Latham, East Greenbush - mmmm.

I'm surprised it took so long to create the Dorito shell!  Man, I loved Doritos as a kid and I'm sure I have stuffed a few into a taco at least once.  How did I not come up with this idea!?  I can assure you, I have thought about that while munching down at locations on Wolf, Central, and even next door to HVCC.

When I was younger, anyone you asked, the answer to "Where are you going tonight?" the reply would be - Bombers. Maybe you want to mix it up and have a taco salad? They have one here down on Lark.

In my personal opinion, if you want a HOT taco, this is the place.  With a big menu, Clifton Park's locale satisfies me.

Which places serves up the best taco in your mind?