Another symbol of my childhood is gone. Sure the building was vacant for years, but every time I drove by the old L-Kens I could still taste the sausage (no pun intended).


It's been a while since you could sit outside on Central Ave. and enjoy a burger and fries with a frosty cup of RC Cola and now you won't even be able to see the old building that would trigger that memory.

I can still remember. I remember sitting at the picnic tables on the side of the building with my folks, wondering why we were eating outside. I can still remember the best sausage sandwich I've ever had in my life and I most certainly remember when my friend Mike got his license, he was the first of my friends to do so and we went to L-Kens for fries and RC Cola's and we alienated everyone sitting at the picnic tables, then we went and hit on the staff.

Oh, memories of L-Kens and now it is gone, just like: Edwards, King's Buffet, Hoffman's Playland, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster Video, Latham Circle Mall, Sebastian's. I'm depressed now.