Apparently not.  Yet another massage therapist has come forward and said that he sexually harassed her, and strangely enough he's not the only one.  SHOCKER!


Its no secret now that Brett Favre isn't Mr. Wholesome after all the allegations of sexual harassment from the staff of both the Jets and now the Vikings.  Minnesota massage therapist Stephanie Dusenberry said she received sexually themed text messages from the now (maybe) retired quarterback.

Dusenberry told Dead that she decided to come forward with the allegations after the "light punishment" the NFL handed down to Favre  after the Jenn Sterger case.  Earlier this month Favre was sued by 2 other massage therapists that were employed by the Jets and they claim he was a big part of them losing their jobs because they wouldn't "perform to his standards".

Man oh man does everyone look at Brett Favre in a different light now.  I wonder how his home life is?  There is always a chance that this is a money grab, but given Favre's recent history I'm willing to bet this may have a bit of truth behind it.  Dusenberry also said that Favre isn't the only football player to try and solicit her for things other than massages.  No surprise there.  Only time will tell if she is telling the truth, but it's looking like a long road to retirement for Brett.   I just bet she's glad she wasn't a massage therapist for The Steelers.  Tell Big Ben no and you know what happens, allegedly.

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