Being a big fan of the movie Kingpin starring Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid and Bill Murray, it's always great when I stumble upon a good bowling story.

According to The Daily Gazette, Ballston Spa's RJ Martinez is about to chase his dreams of becoming a professional bowler.  The 30 year old who works as a lane mechanic at Towne Bowling Academy in Schenectady just joined the Pro Bowlers Association this week, something he's been waiting 15 years to do. After initially passing on the idea after high school, inspiration came once again after Martinez lost his mother six months ago and he decided it was time to give it a go. Martinez had been participating in regional tournaments and doing well for over a decade, and he's ready to test his game with the best of the best.  "I'm more confident than I've been in years," Martinez said. He hopes to get a sponsor, which would help offset some of the costs of the tour.

We can't help but wonder if Mr. Martinez will run into characters like Roy Munson and "Big Ern" McCracken out on the tour, but it should be a trip. We wish him much success and hope he goes far in chasing his dreams.

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