The Capital Region has had a couple towns land on a list released by focused on murder.  Now, I'm someone who is addicted to true crime stories, murder documentaries, and the Justice Network, with a secret far-fetched dream to work for the FBI (even though I know it's not really like the shows on TV).  So how could I not click when I saw a list looking at towns and cities with the most murders in Upstate New York.  According to the write-up, looked at the most recent FBI statistics (which are actually from 2016, but just released), to come up with a list of the top 18 cities and towns in Upstate New York for murders per 100,000 people.  Interestingly enough, Albany landed on the list but at the bottom #18, while Troy made #15, and Schenectady #10.  The list also posted statistics for number of violent crimes in general for each of the towns or cities that landed on the list.  If you want to scroll through, head to !