A Capital Region lawyer was arrested on numerous drug charges, including selling heroin out of her law office.

This story is frankly so awful to me.  As reported by News 10 abc, a Cohoes lawyer was arrested by the Albany County Sheriff's Office on multiple drug charges.  The lawyer, 38-year-old Danielle Barker-Lange, owned her own law firm [Lange & Associates] and was reportedly selling heroin out of both her home and her law office.  On top of that, News 10 abc also reported that she apparently had 38 bags of heroin, strips of Suboxone, oxycodone, xanax, and amphetamines. She also had some charges for operating a motor vehicle while her license was suspended, so I am going to go ahead and assume this arrest wasn't her first time getting in trouble.  You can read more at News 10 abc.  But seriously, I know people joke about lawyers being 'unethical' at times, but I know many lawyers.  You literally have to take an ethical oath.  And I have far less sympathy for dealers than I do for addicts.  Because as someone who also works in mental health, I understand the disease of addiction.  Someone who sells the drugs, supplies, abuses their power?  Different story.  What are your thoughts?