Martin Luther King School Elementary School in Schenectady was closed today (March 21) due to an incident involving a car crash.

According to The Daily Gazzette, a car drove through a glass window at Martin Luther King Elementary School around 12:30 am Wednesday forcing officials to close the school for the day. The car came to a stop inside a classroom. Arrested was 22 year old Estevon Tirado who was found in possession of marijuana and faces a felony assault charge and other charges for resisting arrest and obstructing government administration along with various other traffic violations. Tirado reportedly fled the scene on foot and a chase resulted in a struggle with an officer who injured his shoulder in the process. According to a police report, a search of Tirado's car turned up a revolver-style air pistol and marijuana.

What a relief that this accident happened outside of school hours and that no young kids or school employees were hurt.