2007.  Montreal.  Pandemonium.  My ears rang as David Lee Roth jumped, shook, round-house kicked, and wailed into the microphone.  The Bell Center reverberated and fans screamed. It was pure pandemonium.  It was 10 years ago, after Van Halen finally reunited with David Lee Roth after multiple years and ill-fated attempts.

Flashback a few hours to when I first arrived at the Bell Center, after a good few hours of listening to Van Halen on my CD player non-stop and having (quite a bit) of adult beverages.  My concert buddy and I had the worst seats in the arena.  By worst, I mean literally the worst.  We had no money, I was a poor college kid, and all I wanted to do was see Van Halen.  So with my college budget, I "splurged" to actually go to Van Halen, and wound up with nosebleed side stage seats- in the HIGHEST possible row.

The ushers at the Bell Center only seemed to speak French.  Maybe it was because I was a little bit intoxicated, and I couldn't understand anything they were saying, but I'm pretty sure they all just spoke French.  Either way, they kept pointing UP when I showed them my tickets at each level.  BUT- when I got to my seats, the usher took my tickets, hands me two new ones, and points DOWN.   DOWN?!  I looked at the tickets in disbelief.  Was this really happening or was I seriously that intoxicated?!  What kind of usher just switches out nosebleeds for new tickets...

I go down.  The next usher speaks French and points down.  And then it happens AGAIN.  And pretty soon I realize I'm holding TWO CENTER STAGE FLOOR SEATS to see Van Halen on their unbelievable, amazing, awesome, kick a**, legendary reunion tour with David Lee Roth.

Hands down, that was the best concert experience of my young adult life.  Also- I couldn't hear for a few days (from the mega-sound) and I couldn't speak for even longer (from screaming along to every song).

So here's a huge thank you to Van Halen and David Lee Roth for reuniting 10 years ago today, and for ALL of the amazing music that they have given us.  Read about the history leading up to their reunion here !  And let us know- what's your favorite Van Halen memory!