After a long career of testing lip sticks and eye shadows these chimps finally get to experience out doors with the sun on their faces.

I don’t know what it is about monkeys and apes but I can’t help but to see them and constantly wish to make them all my friends. Yeah I know it sounds strange to want to be friends with a chimp, especially since they can’t talk and all. But chimps can swing by their feet and anyone who can do that is friend material to me. I mean it I want to be friend each of these fuzzy little chimps, even the one with the weird hanging butt.

Also seeing these sad little guys awkwardly step out into the world for the first time is the most moving thing I've seen. I swear it reminds me of the seen at the end of one flew of the cuckoo’s nest where the giant Indian dude goes running through the field. That’s what chimps are, they're just super strong hair slightly crazy people. It’s good to see they’re finally throwing that proverbial water fountain through the window and getting out.