According to a recent post on, plans are underway to try and make New York City the new capital of New York.

Clearly, this was something I had to read.  Then try and research.  The post on focuses on the potential move of the Capital to New York City, and states that plans are underway, but it didn’t really give me any actual facts.  Trying to search, all I kept finding was a ton of articles about the same idea, and either reasons defending why Albany is the Capital, or why New York City should be.  Then, came searching through bills and such.  Really, in my basic search I found a whole lot of nothing.

But I’m still interested, and even more interested in your opinions.  Clearly there’s a dichotomy in New York.  New York City and then the actual New York.  One of my biggest pet peeves is going out of state and people assuming I’m from NYC when I say I’m from New York.  I spent some time living in that region and I can say I’m not a city person, I don’t think like one, I don’t act like one, and that’s not New York to me.  So- should the Capital stay up here in Albany, or would you support it changing?



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