You may remember a couple weeks ago about a guy who woke up in a body bag because we was declared dead. Well, he's now dead... we think.

Walter Williams woke up in a body bag in a Mississippi funeral home just as the workers there were preparing to embalm him. The workers were a bit scared when they saw the body bag moving as Walter attempted to make it known that he wasn't dead just yet.

Back in February, Walter was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. A coroner pronounced him dead a short time later after he and several nurses couldn't find a pulse. Here, Walter's pacemaker had stopped working for unknown reasons and started up again while he was in the body bag.

Walter's rising from the dead gained national attention but we are sad to report that he has 'officially' died. He was pronounced dead, again, yesterday morning (Thursday) at 1 AM.

One can only hope that the family waits a few days before proceeding with the funeral again.