We’ve all heard that if you get enough tickets that it will raise your auto insurance, but did you know how much? I was surprised to hear the increased rates insurance companies are now charging for moving violations. I saw a little clip the other day on Morning Express that said for just one ticket you can expect a 17% increase on your car insurance. It goes up 34% for 2 tickets and a 50% increase for 3 speeding tickets. Wow, if you’re spending $1,000 a year for car insurance that could turn into $1,170, $1,340 or $ 1,500. And that doesn’t even include any fines you get. The key thing is ‘moving violations’. If you can afford to take the morning off from work the best thing to always do is make an appearance and try to talk with the D.A. and lower it down to that ‘parking on the sidewalk’ routine. I remember the first time someone said they reduced it to that and my initial thought was “Parking on the sidewalk… that sounds so stupid.” Oh, but it’s not, it’s really oh so good as far as points and insurance increases. Of course, the best thing to do is just not speed right? But for some reason that doesn’t always seem so easy.