Domino's Pizza is changing with the times and announced they are dropping the word Pizza from their name.  The stores are offering now much more that just pizza including pasta, salad, wings, chicken sandwiches, parmesan bread, sodas and chocolate lava cake plus they are ready to unleash a new idea called Pizza Theater. 

So much of our menu is beyond pizza right now that we feel like we're more than just a pizza place
Russell Weiner, Domino's Chief Marketing Officer

There is a growing trend nationwide that people are preferring to pick up pizza instead of having the zah delivered. Just a few years ago, 80%-90%  of Domino's business was delivery. Today more than 30% are pickup.

For the idea of Pizza Theater, Domino's is adding big screen TV's,  comfortable seating for customers waiting for their orders and able to watch the pizza being created and cooked.  There is a concept being developed for Domino's similar to the way Subway makes your sandwiches. Customers walk the service line and choose the topping and the zah's are cooked quickly in less than six minutes.

Besides dropping the name Pizza from their name, Domino's will also get a new logo without any words.  Just the Red, white and blue domino.

With all these changes, Domino's is trying to compete with the local pizza shops that do exactly what Domino's is trying to capture.


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