What were you doing last Friday (3-22) at, say, 5:53p? I know I was gearing up for a fun filled night time radio show. You may have been making dinner, running errands or shopping? If you found yourself at Crossgates think long and hard about who you saw?

Think long and hard about who you were watching? Did you happen to see three males between the ages of 15 and 20 who may have been in a rush to get out of the mall? Think about it for a second.

Guilderland cops are saying three 'suspects' went into Hannoush Jewelers and stole one of those donation buckets that you see in most businesses. See, this donation bucket was bound for a local Children's Hospital at Albany Med and had about $300 in it.

  • Suspect 1: Wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt with a number 3 on the left side of the chest, with a black knit hat and appeared to have some facial hair.
  • Suspect 2: Wearing a blue coat with a large black stripe going down each sleeve, with a gray hoodie under his coat, and a black or dark blue winter hat.
  • Suspect 3: Wearing a San Francisco 49ers coat with a large 49ers logo on the back, red sleeves with white striping, a 49ers brim hat and Timberland style boots.

Cops are also saying two of the men may have been acting as look-outs as the third ran off with said jar.

So think about it - Did you see three dudes matching the above descriptions making a B-line for an exit Friday evening?

Call the Guilderland Police at 518-356-1501 if you think you did.


I have to say: These dudes are the epitome of low. You know what I mean? Like, stealing from kids is just f------ dirty. And you know this wasn't some random pickle jar hanging on the counter. I'm sure it had 'Children's Hospital At Albany Med' written all over it. Kids man, it's all about the kids!

So who does this? These guys do this. These guys did this.

And I don't want to hear: 'Ugh, life is tough, the economy sucks, have a heart, people do crazy things.' Guess what? We're all broke. Well, some of us are ;-) The economy sucks for ALL of us. But guess what? No matter how sexy that jar filled with greenbacks looked, you don't steal from kids. In fact, you don't steal period!

Kids man! You stole from kids: Lame, low and beyond trashy!



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