It's not fall yet and Governor Cumo wants you to take advantage of summer activities, like swimming, while it's still here!


Normally most state run swimming polls and beaches close up shop for the season once labor Day is over ... well not this year! At least not at several popular New York State Park swim locations.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced today that he is extending the summer swimming season for New Yorker's and guest to the state alike! I mean I'll take summer as long as we can get it. If we can't actually extend the good weather I'll take being able to take advantage of fun things to do longer while it's still here. Plus aren't the kids going back to school next week? This way you can maybe get a little adult swim time in! It just so happens that the Victoria Pool at Sartoga Spa State Park is one of those spots staying open. I say we take advantage!

You can check out the list of all the swimming spots staying open until September 17th which is a full two weeks longer than normal by clicking HERE.