Get ready to say goodbye to about 10 percent of the Dunkin’ Donuts menu!  I’m not sure why this bothers me so much, as I never get anything but an extra-large coffee with a turbo shot, but still, I’m bothered.  According to News 10 abc, Dunkin’ Donuts is going to be cutting back on some less popular items to streamline services, including some of their smoothies and breakfast sandwiches.  The cuts will take effect nationally in March, but may be seen in New England sooner according to News 10 abc.

Really, all I ever get is an extra large coffee with a turbo shot.  I’m a super boring Dunkin‘ Donuts customer.  But I can’t say that every once in awhile I don’t want to enjoy a coolatta or a smoothie.  Or some hash browns in the morning.  I’m wondering what exactly is going to be cut, and hoping it’s nothing that I enjoy every once in awhile!