There are so many legal and ethical ways to hunt in the State of New York so why would someone harvest deer illegally and then lie about it? One individual from East Greenbush could answer that question after recently being caught.

This case involves bait, crossbow and an investigation by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officers. How many tickets did this individual receive?

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On November 29, 2022, according to a DEC press release, officers responded to an East Greenbush call reporting a dead deer with a crossbow bolt sticking out of the carcass. The officers investigation revealed a stomach filled with corn yet no corn fields in the area. Could the deer have been baited?

On December 21, 2022, DEC officers received another call from the Easy Greenbush property owner reporting another dead deer in the same area. Officers tracked the blood trail which led them to a neighboring property.

While on the neighboring property officers discovered corn and birdseed on the ground near a homemade shed used as a hunting blind. Officers also found a crossbow with a thermal scope mounted to it and multiple crossbow bolts with blood and hair.

When DEC officers spoke with the owner of the hunting blind, the subject stated that he had not hunted in a while. He stuck to that story until officers showed him the evidence they had collected.

The suspect admitted to shooting 3 does over the bait pile yet he didn't have any doe tags. That's when officers began writing a total of 12 tickets. Here are some of the offenses:

  • Illegal take of protected wildlife
  • Hunting over bait
  • Illegal take of antlerless deer without deer management permits
  • Hunting with a crossbow during the late season without the proper license

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