Overdue Hunter. That's the term used when family or friends expect a hunter to have left the woods at a certain time but that time has come and gone and the hunter has not been seen or heard from.

Now, imagine that overdue hunter is 79-years-old and it's the middle of the night. You found the hunters vehicle but not the hunter. What do you do? You'd call 833-NYS-RANGERS. Here's what happened earlier this month here in New York.

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On November 8th, according to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Forest Rangers received a report of an overdue hunter. The call came in just before 8pm and the party stated that they found the hunter's vehicle in the town of Dickinson near Mosier Hill, but the hunter was nowhere to be found.

Rangers started the investigation by searching the hunter's usual hunting location but had no luck. Nearly 6 hours later Rangers spotted something shiny in the woods. It was the hunter's rifle.


The team of New York Forest Rangers started searching the area and found the hunter approximately 50 yards from the rifle. The 79-year-old had fallen in a swamp and was hypothermic. Rangers removed the subject's frozen clothes, put him in a hypo wrap, and started a fire.

Rescuers were able to carry the subject out to an ambulance, which transported him to the hospital. St. Regis Falls Fire, New York State Police, and local camp owners assisted in the search. Nearly 9 hours after the first report of an overdue hunter came in the individual had been rescued and now treated at the local hospital.

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