Elizabeth Raine is taking the “I’m just doing this to pay for school” thing to a whole new level.

There are a lot of creepy dudes out there who love the idea of a virgin and Ms. Raine understands that they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

For 27 years, this girl has been harvesting this product and is now ready to cash in.

Some people look at their virginity as something special and that should not just be wasted on some stranger. Of course this kind of thinking is only a reality in a John Hughes movie and not real life. Cleary Elizabeth Raine sees this and has no issue with marketing her naughty parts.

“My virginity has absolutely no meaning to me.” - Elizabeth Raine, daily dot

This is a classic money-making move. If you have something that is of great monetary value and holds no personal value then why not sell it? Elizabeth Raine is less of a hooker and more of an entrepreneur. Or a hussy. Who am I to judge either way?