Forget Spring looks like the Capital Region might just jump straight to Summer!

With all these cold rainy days we have been having I was excited to see on my fancy iPhone weather app that warmer days were ahead of us. Earlier this week I saw that we were expected to have temperatures in the 50's, 60's, and even a day in the low 70's.

However, I find it hard to trust the weather (unless it's bad weather because that usually always comes to fruition) so when I checked back at the app today I could not believe it when it said that on Tuesday there is high of 80 degrees!

80 in spring

Granted it does say it is going to be cloudy with thunder storms but still 80 degrees is a pretty big jump! Look I'm all for it warming up around here I'm totally over having to wear boots and multiple layers but I would still like to experience a bit of Spring before we  jump to the hot stickyness that is Summer.

What do you think? Will we really hit 80 degrees next week and are you ready for that kind of heat?