It's great to love live music... but sometimes too much love can be not a good thing.

It's one thing to go to a music festival and get a little crazy and leave with an amazing music experience.  It's another to leave with the 'gift that keeps on giving'- herpes.  According to an article I read by Consequence of Sound, there's been a huge spike in herpes reports in the area surrounding the Coachella Music Festival since the event began.

By huge spike, Consequence of Sound reported a  2,083% increase in reported herpes cases in Indio, California and the surrounding area since Coachella’s first weekend (using info from HerpAlert).  Even worse, apparently there's usually only about 16 cases a day on the site, but even on Coachella's first day the reports increase to about 250.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with enjoying music, getting a little bit of action and having some fun- just make sure you do it safely!