In one Northern New York area, there is a campsite available for free to any veteran, wounded warrier, and their families.

I saw this on and couldn’t help but write about it.  The headline sucked me in because you don’t often see something so positive in the news.  According to the post, the campsite is located in Chase Mills, NY, named Camp Serenity.  A few hours from the Capital Region, the campsite allows even guests to stay for free.  Activities are also free, including hunting, fishing, boating, or hiking, and activities are led by volunteers.

It looks like Camp Serenity was started back in 2008, though I honestly have not heard of it before now.  Located on about 69 acres, the camp was started by Wounded Warriors Outdoor Adventures President Robert J. Giordano.  There are cabins and more located in the grounds, and honestly it looks like such an amazing project.  If anything, I would love to see more of this for our service members around New York.  If you want more information, and even to see photos, you can head here.

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