We have all seen the video and thought okay, well at least the girl is fine and not hurt. Well that is so much the case.

The viral video that came out early last week showed a little girl fascinated by the sea lion and upon turning her back to the animal, the sea lion struck. Dragging her into the murky water which for some may be enough. All the bacteria that has to be in that water. That isn't what the family is seeking treatment for however. Rather for a disease called Seal Finger.

According to CNN, the family of the young girl saw something from an expert at the Vancouver Aquarium about a possible infection that could be caused and that raised an eyebrow. The one good thing is that no information has been released saying the girl has contracted the disease but instead is being treat in a precautionary measure being that she does have a wound from the bite.

One question for the Capital Region, have you ever heard of Seal Finger? Do you know someone who has ever had it? It seems to be pretty nasty if left untreated and can ravage your joints. More on the disease below at the link with the full story from CNN.



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