I have good news and I have bad news for the Capital Region. It's not "Fake News" it's "Real News," but from an All-American bias perspective.

I can't wait to see who the first person is to say: " Bad News: You Suck!"

I wish that I could not wait because that already happened, I started "Good News, Bad News" four years ago after I graduated from radio school for fun, now I do it like it's my job because it is.

I am a bit rusty, but I am already writing the next episode and contemplating a diet and some kind of exercise routine because I have realized that two tallboys of Molson a day for the past two years while watching WWE is no way to stay in shape, even if you were a finely tuned high school athlete.

As for my teeth: Good news, this is how they look after a deep cleaning. Bad News: no one has started a GoFundMe to seal the gap.

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